Hands-On Apacer AH790 – one of the best Lightning/USB flash drives for backing up your iPhone

27 Nov

After long time usage the iPhone or iPad, 128GB or even 256GB memory will be full by lots of filming, taking photos, and APPs. When seeing on screen the notice showing storage almost full and need to manage storage in settings, to delete old existing films or photos would not be the only option. After the iOS dual flash drive was developed into the consumer market, we can do data transfers from iPhone and iPad to our PCs.

Apacer new product AH790 is equipped with Apple MFi certified Lightning and USB3.1 Gen 1 Type-A dual interface, the data transfers between iOS devices and PCs are more prompt and simple than before. AH790 is an ideal additional storage for iOS device and to avoid limitations of onboard storage and cloud services and stream media like music, video and photos.

The swivel AH790 comes in capacities of 32GB and 64GB.

Apacer AH790 Image 1

AH790 is small and lightweight with the extra-long lightning connector, and designed with 360-degree swivel cap can pause at four directions to make the spin precisely, always keeping the Lightning connector protected when not in use.

Apacer AH790 Image 2

The Lightening connector is super easy to use. Can just plug and play. An Apple app automatically comes up on your iPhone or iPad, at the first time the Lightning connector is plugged into your Apple device, asking to install an Apacer iFileBridge app.

Apacer AH 790 Image 3

Apacer AH790 Image 4

While iFileBridge is working with AH790 to transfer the files from iPhone, just can take easy and enjoy a cup of hot tea with relaxing mood.

Apacer AH790 Image 5

Apacer AH790 Image 6

Another good thing is the built in “capture-and-store” feature, just can do anything with iPhone camera and have high resolution pictures or videos saved directly into the AH790.

Apacer AH790 Image 7

Apacer AH790 Image 8

According to Apacer’s website, the multimedia format that can be recognized by iFileBridge includes: m4a, caf, aiff, asf, aac, mp3,wav, m4v, mp4, mov. So another great point of this small but powerful memory booster AH790 is you can copy any movie you love and watch it on your Apple devices without hassle

With all these good features, why waiting and just make the good choice now to pick one AH790 without hesitate! Will never see the memory full warning message on screen again and be free from the stresses of memory drain!

Just click to links below for purchasing one:




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